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Rose mcgowan still dating robert rodriguez

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They soon became parents to daughter Ava and son Deacon and were considered a golden (or at least golden-haired) couple until 2007.

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In 2001, Cruise reportedly blindsided Kidman with divorce and rebounded with actress Penelope Cruz, who was then 27 to Kidman's 34 and Cruise's 41. Ewan Mc Gregor was married to French production designer Eve Mavrakis for 22 years.After they split, he met and married jazz singer Sunny Ozell in 2009.While Ozell (pictured right) is much younger than Stewart and Neuss, she's actually about a year Rod Stewart has a type: hot, blond, and younger than his previous lover.The couple share three biological children and one adopted child.In October 2017, Mc Gregor, 46, and Mavrakis, 51, made headlines when they announced their breakup—after Mc Gregor was spotted kissing his producer Lindsay Shookus.Grammer and Camille wed in August 1997, and the couple had two sons together.

In July 2010, Camille, then 43, abruptly filed for divorce from Kelsey, then 55, citing "irreconcilable differences." Kelsey quickly proposed to then-29-year-old British flight attendant Kayte Walsh.

They divorced just 10 months later, and he married Jill Ann Vandenberg (pictured right,) who was 27 at the time—45 years younger than Curtis.

Vandenberg and Curtis remained together until his death in 2010.

By 1989, his fame had skyrocketed, making him a 27-year-old megastar married to a 33-year-old middling actress.

Then Cruise met a 22-year-old Nicole Kidman on the set of (1990).

Everything was pretty peachy for the hard-partying couple until 2009. Wood reportedly met 18-year-old cocktail waitress Ekaterina Ivanova and wasn't discreet about his dalliances with her—he even introduced her to his own wife!