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Mia told Jake that Trey helped her give up her son for adoption.Trey wanted to disrupt the child's adoption but Jake helped Mia convince them not to destroy the boy's life.

Mia worked long hours getting Fusion off the ground and began associating with handsome men, making Jake jealous. Insecure because of her supposed rejection, Jake turned to Allison, an intern at the hospital, and they began an affair.He left town angry which led to Gillian and Ryan getting back together.Gillian was eager for Jake to return so she could divorce him to be with Ryan.Emily Ann lost her mind when she realized her birth parents were Billy Clyde Tuggle and Estelle La Tour; she became pregnant but lost the baby.Unable to cope, Emily Ann was committed to an institution.* Fought with David Hayward at Pine Valley Hospital. Ricky Paull Goldin (Wednesday April 30 2008 - Present) J.

* Works with Doctors Without Borders in Africa; has also offered medical services to orphaned children in Chechnya. Eddie Peck (August 4, 2000 through February 25, 2003; June 9 and 10, 2003) Michael Lowry (1996 to March 16, 2000) Michael Brainard (1988 to 1991, 1994, 1995) Michael Scaleri (1983 to 1988)Jake Martin, called Joey as a child, was born to Ruth and Joe Martin.

He was a by-the-book kid who always followed the rules.

He met and fell in love with Emily Ann Sago and married her against his parents' wishes.

Jake divorced Emily Ann and moved to Stanford to attend Medical School.

Jake eventually dropped out of Stanford and began working as a handyman.

He began working at Pine Valley Hospital where he met Allie Doyle. David Hayward threw a wrench in their relationship because he was Allie's ex.