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Reverse dns not updating

The Domain Name System is implemented as a hierarchical and distributed database containing various types of data, including host names and domain names.

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environment Laptop-Admin account win7 Server- 2008r2 default domain policy and a single OU with a policy linked. In the following Packet Tracer exercise and accompanying video tutorials, I demonstrate four different ways of configuring NAT.Group Policy Infrastructure Failed 9/20/2013 AM Group Policy Infrastructure failed due to the error listed below. Note: Due to the GP Core failure, none of the other Group Policy components processed their policy.Network address translation is a primary reason that IPv4 addressing has survived and is still in use today.The creation of NAT along with private IPv4 address ranges like to, to 1.255, and to has allowed for the conservation of publicly routable IPv4 addresses.In this environment, DNS namespaces mirror the Active Directory forests and domains used by an organization.

Network hosts and services are configured with DNS names so that they can be located in the network, and they are also configured with DNS servers that resolve the names of Active Directory domain controllers.

The host names of the computers in this network were managed through the use of a single HOSTS file located on a centrally administered server.

Each site that needed to resolve host names on the network downloaded this file.

The implementation of DNS — Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) — was originally developed for the 4.3 BSD UNIX Operating System.

The Microsoft implementation of DNS became a part of the operating system in Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0.

This allows the sending computer’s message to appear as if it is coming from another computer’s address.