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Later, effective birth control would arrive on the scene -- but the Catholic Church in particular banned it because (some argued) it could result in enjoying sex (still seen as a major sin) without concerns about pregnancy.

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Since marrying a Jew and having only Jewish children were central to this, scriptural law governing sex was codified to support this need.In fact, before the advent of the printing press, the priestcraft, who held the only readily-available copies of the scriptures, commonly "shielded" their flock from parts of the Bible that they didn't feel they should be aware of.Even today, fundamentalist Protestants who proclaim every word of the Bible is the "word of God" conveniently ignore, or try to "explain away," Because of centuries of the "sex-is-sin" thinking thinking that has been conveyed through what became "traditional values" and supporting law sex has evolved into an embarrassing and taboo subject.Next, before effective birth control, sex commonly resulted in pregnancy.Church leaders wisely observed that a woman could theoretically get pregnant every year of her marriage.Thus, husbands and wives were obliged to look to rabbis and priests (most of whom were celibate) rather to each other for sexual permissions.

Early religious law set down very restrictive laws governing the "when and how often" of sex between married partners, even to the point of limiting sex to the so-called missionary position.

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His problems with sex were so pronounced that modern-day psychology would list them as obsessive-compulsive and borderline psychotic.

He got the basics of his ideas from the prevailing mind-vs-body views popular at the time -- views which have long been repudiated by more enlightened thinking.

Even after women were no longer considered "property," the male dominated church -- the same church that despite the lack of any supporting biblical evidence felt a need to trash Mary Magdalene as a prostitute -- felt it had to control women through religion.