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Rachael taylor dating zachary levi

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If you read his interviews, he is expert at talking a lot without actually revealing anything important about himself.

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He would have only been 22 at the time, which is not a lot of time away from his fundie, Tea party parents.While he definitely still has a lot of faith, I think he's evolved past that place spiritually. There are plenty of gay Christians, there's no reason he can't be one.He flat out corrected an interviewer who referred to him as religious, saying he prefers spiritual. I was going to add that one can be a Christian without being a full on fundie flat-earther, and there are gay christians, so let's give him some benefit of the doubt.I believe his younger sister though is very much in the zealot camp though. Rumor has it that she and Hiddleston dated briefly, but it never took off, which maybe suggests some compatibility issues (though they are still Twitter friends).I'd like to believe that Levi and Hiddleston are a secret item.She definitely dressed the part for a possible love interest for geek-turned-government-agent Chuck (Zachary Levi, pictured).

He came off as kind of a douche, especially when that guy from Shahs of Sunset asked him if he was single.

I don't know what your encounters with fundamentalists have been, but being regarded almost as family isn't what usually happens if your belief system is too far from theirs.

As for Alain de Botton, is he really the atheist du jour?

It is a subject he carefully avoids along with anything else that could ever be construed as controversial.

This is a man who will never ever utter a real opinion.

Zach Levi is a complete, over the top, holy-rolling Christian who proselytizes and prays on the set.