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Quicken not updating transactions

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If it is not available, and you want to add the Bill Pay feature, follow these steps: 1) Hover your mouse cursor over the Accounts Tab (at top of page) then hover your cursor over the account number you wish to add bill pay.Another menu will appear to the right, then select Bill Payment. Your Checkfree Bill Pay Center should then be available on the Overview screen.

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Within each category you will see partial account numbers, along with nicknames, which can be assigned from the "Options Tab" page, plus up-to-date account balances.If you do not see an account that you should have access to, please contact CCB.Above "List of Accounts," always check to see if there are any Secure Messages or e Alerts waiting for you.If you would like to use our SMS and/or e Alerts texting features, begin by logging into your account. Select Manage Device I want to: change my mobile banking services.Save our CCB Mobile Text Number 995-88 in your Contacts.Click the check box a second time to de-select all items.

Several transfer formats may be supported for transaction export.

Just select a biller (company to pay), select a Pay Date (Date on which the bill will be paid) and, type an Amount (10.00 in this format).

Then select "Make Payment" and the payment will be scheduled to be paid.

Transfer Money allows external transfers to/from your accounts at other financial institutions - First, have your Bill Pay feature activated.

Select the "Transfer Money" tab located on the Bill Payment Center.

Select the account and date range to view current and past monthly bank statements. First, you must login to your Online Banking, select the Options tab, then Manage Device under Mobile Banking Profile.