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"Don't be worried, lover," she coo'ed." That was just to get me wetted up a bit.Come and pull this bikini bottom off me." As she forced her massive arse off the couch, Gerry managed to hook his finger round the waistband and pull the bikini over the mass of sweaty flesh, down the plump thighs and over her ankles.

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"Ah, well, just another fake advertising site," he thought."I do like to look at pictures of myself after a session," the woman remarked. " "I'd be happy to help," replied, Gerry, "just tell me what you want me to do." She smiled, slid off the dressing gown, and laid it on the back of the chair.She was wearing the bikini, and a warm smell came from her. He doubted the film would be seen by anyone else, but didn't really care, anyway.A woman's voice answered, quite a strong voice, not too high, not too deep. " Gerry gave his website ID (mrxxx) which was all he could come up with at the time..After a few questions and answers on both sides, a day and time were fixed. "Of course, I always wear it when I'm feeling sexy," was the reply.The crotch of the red material was soaking wet, and little dribbles from her orgasm slipped down into the very thin crack between her fat arse cheeks.

She heaved herself on to her stomach and slid down the couch, until her feet touched the floor and her arse stuck way out.

"Or, it may be an old entry and she might be dead already! A week later, Gerry decided to have one last look at his messages, and there it was.

"Phone me, my number is xxxxxx, the Red Bikini woman." By now, Gerry had mostly lost interest, but he thought, "what the hell," and phoned. There was a short pause, then, "Yes that's me, who's that?

He tried a few possible searches without much success. Inputting the words 'Grannies fucking themselves', and hit Return.

Why not go online and see if any such actually sent pics of themselves.

He'd been in the same job for 12 years since he was 18 and he felt he'd been there a lifetime. " Gerry thought to himself, "there must be something out there, really way out! "Kinky Grannies 4U" The opening page showed a cartoon-style, white haired old woman, in bra and knickers, with her legs open, and some sort of object being held into her fanny.