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Questions on christian dating

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My husband and I also love to sit with dating and engaged couples and talk about the reality of marriage.It is our honor to encourage them through their fight to honor Christ with their bodies before the pleasures of the marriage bed.

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I also believe Patience, Wisdom, and communication (with your partner and often with yourself! You love this person, and you cannot wait to be Married!Marriage is a Good thing, a holy Sacrament given by God and reflective of the Trinity, and yet many Marriages now end in divorce. There are many in the Catholic Church who say there are too many invalid annulments while others say there are too many invalid marriages.Don’t try to answer all at once; do a few at a time.Give thoughtful responses and record your ideas so you can refer to them later when life gets challenging.Either way, you don’t want to be another sad statistic.

You don’t want to be on the end of a failed relationship wondering whether your marriage or your annulment was the invalid act, and you don’t have to be!

I want your Marriage to turn out for the best, but this doesn’t happen magically.

You and your partner together help make it happen or help make it not happen.

Marriage surveys ask how many kids you and your partner want, what your discipline style is, where you want to live, how organization, career, and spending patterns affect your relationship and so on.

These are valid questions and should be addressed, but many surveys ignore important questions.

As a life coach, I ask questions few others ask and give you time to explore your innermost thoughts before deciding a plan of action.