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Quentin tarantino dating kerry washington

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” We were really conscious of taking care of each other on set.’ Django Unchained was shot on Evergreen Plantation in Louisiana, which is both a working sugar-cane plantation and a historic site, offering tours to the public of its 22 intact slave cabins – an area known as Shack Row – where slaves were housed and often brutalised.‘This wasn’t some Joan of Arc story – it didn’t happen to just one woman – this was how people were treated,’ says Washington.

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It was the director himself who made the call to chill on the violence – even though the gore remains trademark Tarantino and there are plenty of scenes that will churn the stomachs of the strongest viewers.But now, her small roles in movies you’ve seen but never recognized her in mean so much more.In fact, now she has the clout to retroactively add star power to any movie.While Washington doesn’t kick that much ass in this, she does spew out fancy coordinates and other assassin jargon that’s enough to make her character seem like she can annihilate you with a tap of a pencil. Which is convenient when your love interest is The Thing, a dude who’s basically a monstrous rock formation with a heart of gold. No, it’s not a comedy, nor a romance, nor a…hell, we don’t know what this is.Out of all the movies on this list, this is definitely the one you can use as an icebreaker at party.“I wasn’t so much trying to get a message across (about slavery) as paint a very realistic picture of what America was like at that time and create a world where slavery is the norm,” he says.“Rather than make some soapbox speeches about it, or make points against America, I just wanted to …

For the most part, she was “that girl in that movie.” You couldn’t really place her.

She’s also represented Monica Lewinsky and Enron, and is reported to be advising Jill Kelly, one of the two women involved in the recent David Petraeus affair.

It’s a groundbreaking role – Scandal is the first prime-time television series in America to feature an African-American actress in the lead role for more than 30 years.

The 35-year-old composes herself and then declares, ‘It’s quite a dichotomy, to go from playing a slave, who isn’t even considered a full person, to playing literally one of the most powerful women in the country.

The powerful woman of whom she speaks is Judy Smith, the elite political ‘crisis manager’ on whom Washington’s character, Olivia Pope, is based in the hit American television series Scandal, which recently ran on More 4.

Meanwhile, the slave she mentioned is Broomhilda von Shaft, a character in the new Quentin Tarantino film, Django Unchained, which is set in the ante-bellum American South.