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Python non validating xml parser

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The test data is in simple, easy-to-edit tabular format.When Robot Framework is started, it processes the test data, executes test cases and generates logs and reports.

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Libraries can either use application interfaces directly or use lower level test tools as drivers.If you do not have special needs or just want to try out the framework, it is recommended to use Python.It is the most mature implementation, considerably faster than Jython or Iron Python (especially start-up time is faster), and also readily available on most UNIX-like operating systems.If you already have pip available, you can simply execute: This approach works regardless the operating system and the Python interpreter used.You can get the source code either by downloading a source distribution from Py PI and extracting it, or by cloning the Git Hub repository .There are several Robot Framework mailing lists where to ask and search for more information.

The mailing list archives are open for everyone (including the search engines) and everyone can also join these lists freely.

Robot Framework is open source software released under the Apache License 2.0.

Its development is sponsored by the Robot Framework Foundation.

Which interpreter to use depends on the needed test libraries and test environment in general.

Some libraries use tools or modules that only work with Python, while others may use Java tools that require Jython or need . There are also many tools and libraries that run fine with all interpreters.

Robot Framework 3.0 is the first Robot Framework version to support Python 3.