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Loyal Busted Halo readers know me as the author of the Pure Sex, Pure Love dating and relationships column.

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These virtues consisted of temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquility, chastity and humility. I’ll feature charter schools that are teaching kids self-control from an early age, and ask questions about the personal lives of pop culture icons. And as always, let’s make this an interactive give-and-take: Share your stories, experiences and struggles with me at [email protected] How do you hold yourself accountable when it comes to good character? The concept was simple: Each issue was devoted to a single virtue — like honesty, humility, wisdom, courage, grit, thrift and modesty — and prominent thinkers would comment on its importance in our day-to-day lives. Founded by Sir John Templeton in 1987, the Foundation’s motto is “how little we know, how eager to learn.” A few years ago, the foundation started a magazine called — and I was an instant fan.The seven Western virtues expand to include hope, faith, love and swap in courage for fortitude.In their exhaustive handbook of virtues, psychologists Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman list 24 character strengths, expanding the discussion of courage to include honesty and perseverance, and temperance to include self-control.But to practically define virtue — and how to apply it in everyday live — has always been a bit trickier.

The four classical or “cardinal” virtues are prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude.

My goal : To enjoy my work putting my knowledge, experience and creations, at disposal of those people who understand Technology and also Photography not only as a way of life but also, as a tool for personal growth and learning.

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And Franklin clearly believed virtue could be taught.