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What is the Population of Punjab Home to majority of Sikhism followers, Punjab is currently home to over 30 million people India.

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Current Population of Punjab in 2017 According to Population estimates released by Census of India, Population of Punjab is estimated to be 30,045,949 (3 Crore).Population of Punjab in 2011 According to Census of India 2011, Population of Punjab was 27,704,234.These include males 14,634,819 & females 13,069,417.Population of Punjab in 2016 was 29,673,462 (2.96 Crore).Population of Punjab in 2015 With an annual growth rate of 1.4% in its population, Population of Punjab in 2015 was 29,288,557 (29.2 million).Population of Punjab in 2014 Population of Punjab has shown descent growth in the last 10 years.

According to recent estimates, there are 28.8 million people living in Punjab.

Population of Punjab - The splendid state of Punjab lies in Northern part of India.

Punjab is dominated by Sikh/Punjabi community with more than 57% population.

Their main occupation is believed to be agriculture and its related work.

Population of Punjab is growing at a good rate every year from the time of Independence.

Population of Punjab was estimated to be 28.4 million in 2013.