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Ps3 not updating games black screen

ps3 not updating games black screen-47

I hadn't realised a new patch had been released so recently so I hadn't read the release notes so maybe that is the issue. The only other thing I can think of is that maybe that I used to have the game data from the disc installed that it is now causing issues with the digital version of the game.

The thread can be found here: I also have seen from investigating online that the same or similar problem was encountered by many users when Undead Nightmare was launched on its own disc, though I saw no mention of the glitch occurring in the same circumstances as me." I still haven't deleted my saves for the main game or for multiplayer but my latest idea was to reinstall everything again, minus the War Horse, Golden Guns and Deadly Assassin DLCs.the other save lead to a freeze and reset about a second after the environment spawned.John spawned in a town so it may be because there were many bugged characters around (only a guess since he was indoors).Upon starting a new game, John Marston's character model in the opening scene (on the cart) was that of a woman.Later, in the scene where uncle attacks John and Abigail in their bedroom, uncle's character model was invisible (or perhaps replaced with a cougar or dog or some other model that was motionless at the end of the bed) and abigail's character model was replaced with the same character model as John's earlier on the cart.If not those then I'm back to my first reaction since I'm still not convinced that the correct patch was installed.

Posting here to see if others have been having the same issue.

I had two earlier saves which I loaded and for one, I was able to explore a bit before encountering two cougars, one of which had the correct character model, the other had a zombie character model.

At that point the game froze and I had to reset my console.

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"I have encountered an issue with Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare on Playstation 3.