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A once-great silent film director, unable to make the transition to the new talkies, lives as a near-hermit in his Hollywood home, making cheap, silent sex films, and suffering in the knowledge of his sexual impotence, and apathetic about the plans to demolish his home to make way for a motorway.His producer and his producer’s girlfriend come by to see how he is doing (and to supply heroin to the actress as her payment).

Chicagoan Frank Gallagher is the proud single dad of six smart, industrious, independent kids, who without him would be… When Frank’s not at the bar spending what little money they have, he’s passed out on the floor.They hailed from the rural South, steel towns, and the San Fernando Valley.As teenagers, and young adults, none of them thought that porn was in their future.Burnett has mentioned that “obvious” stories include Noah’s Ark, the Exodus, and the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus.The series will be based on the New International Version and the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.The cast includes Rhys Ifans (Pirate Radio, Notting Hill) as James Hook, Oscar nominee Keira Knightley as the voice of Tinker Bell, Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies) as Captain Elizabeth Bonny, Oscar nominee Bob Hoskins as Smee (who previously played the character in Steven Spielberg’s feature, Hook), Raoul Trujillo (Tin Man) and Charlie Rowe (Pirate Radio) as one of literature’s most cherished characters, Peter Pan.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Bridgette Bird is a smart, scrappy, young single mom trying to navigate life in South Boston with an extremely unconventional family.

Samantha sets out to prove her daughter’s innocence, discovering Chloe’s ultimate plan is to “adopt” Samantha as her “mum”.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Roy Thinnes, William Woodson. Based on the character created by Leslie Charteris, Ian Ogilvy becomes the famous Simon Templar in ‘Return of The Saint’.

The girlfriend stays to watch them filming, and is deeply impressed by his methods.

When the actress goes to the bathroom, and dies there of an overdose, the girlfriend takes her place in the film. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD After Porn Ends, is a documentary that not only examines the lives and careers of some of the biggest names in the history of the adult entertainment industry; but what happens to them after they leave the business and try and live the “normal” lives that millions of other Americans enjoy.

Beings from a dying planet infiltrate society on Earth in hopes of making it their new home-unless one man can convince the world of their existence and stop their dastardly plot before it’s too late. Whilst retaining the characteristics which caught the imagination of viewers with the original 60′s television series, this is ‘The Saint’ of the 70′s stories packed with drama, adventure and humour, filmed on location in countries including the South of France, Italy and London.