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Problem updating windows 8 1

problem updating windows 8 1-85

I had never used the Virtual Network Editor before, so my settings were never changed from the defaults.

After couple of minutes I got 'Set network connection' pop-up without clicking on anything, I selected Home network, it asked me what I would want to share - I checked/selected everything, It than came back with a password for the homegroup which I saved, in case i need it. BTW, I already had VMWARE bridge protocol on my Host's network adapter and my guest os had it on automatic - So I did not tweak anything there, but it did not fix my internet issue.If you are the victim of this error too, then you need not worry.We have found some effective and efficient fixes for Windows Update Error 8024402F.So I followed the repair route as somebody had sugested here This answer looked like it provided the simplest solution, so I tried this one first.Worked perfectly to restore VMware's network access after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10.What I discovered is the VMware Bridge Protocol had been removed during my upgrade to 8.1 and has to be re-installed: On Windows host machines, reinstall the VMware Bridge Protocol: In Windows Vista/7 Those instructions ask you to uninstall the VMware Bridge Protocol, but in my case, the Bridge Protocol wasn't there to install.

However, when I installed it and checked the protocol box, and then chose bridged connection on my VM I was able to connect to the internet again.

So this article will basically describe two methods to fix Windows Update Error 8024402F which occurs while upgrading to Windows 8.1.

The Windows Update Error 8024402F may occur due to various reasons.

So you can go through each of the method to fix Windows Update Error 8024402F.

This was the first method to fix Windows Update Error 8024402F.

I also turned on network sharing for the VMware virtual nics within Windows.