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If you were arrested for writing or attempting to pass a bad check in Los Angeles, you should act quickly to get in touch with a criminal attorney at Stephen G. There are a number of different legal defenses that could be used to challenge your bad check charges, which is why you should speak to an experienced defense lawyer before you talk to the police or plead guilty to your charges.She teaches and speaks all over the country on banking law matters. A check is considered "bad" if it has been written by a person who knows that there are insufficient funds to cover the entire amount of the check, or if it is cancelled by the writer before it can be withdrawn by the receiver.Through our efforts, we may be able to have your charges reduced, or eliminated completely.Don't wait to take the first step; contact our office immediately. Rodriguez & Partners now for a free case evaluation!I told them to just deposit the check, but I would like to know whether such a law exists .

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The post-dating is nothing more than a friendly request to not cash it until the date specified.pretty much you have no recourse from nolo The bank can cash your postdated check at any time, even before its authorized date, unless you specifically instruct it otherwise.

This means that you dont have a claim against your bank unless you notified it not to release the funds.

With more than 70 years of combined legal experience, Stephen G.

Rodriguez & Partners is fully prepared to defend you against charges of writing bad checks.

In order to instruct the bank not to issue the funds early, both state and federal banking laws require that you give the bank reasonable notice of the postdating.