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Portland baby boomers speed dating

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We’d love to hear about your experiences as a live musician. Most of the time it’s best to view them as partners or allies in your event’s success.

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You can choose to never use a certain bridge again.Running a restaurant, a club, a bar, is really hard. You are trying to get loyal customers that will return because you are offering them something special. If you want great décor,you hire a great interior decorator.You expect these professionals to do their best at what you are hiring them to do. You hire a great band and should expect great music.The club owner got mad at me, asking where are the people? Instead, you’ve soiled your reputation for a quick fix.…would you expect the chef’s friends and family to eat at your restaurant every night?Michele Cuthbert is the principal of Baker Creative, a brand architectural firm.

Baker Creative practices an holistic branding approach which encompasses marketing, business, HR, public relations, social media and new media with creative execution.

Wasn’t happy that we kept a full room spending money.

Right when we were talking, a group of people interrupted us and said “you guys sound great, when is the next time you’re playing here again?

That was 2 more hours of bar sales, because without us, you have an empty room with nothing going on.

He just couldn’t get over the fact that we didn’t walk in with our own entourage of fans.

When a venue opens it’s doors, it has to market itself. The goal should be to build a fan base of the venue.