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Polycom ip 331 updating initial configuration

polycom ip 331 updating initial configuration-5

Couldn't get them out of this loop for the life of me, until I pressed * to set my values manually and changed the IP.

If only Avaya would publish documentation for this phone, internally and/or externally.Everything else, including the 46file gets called from there.Still I have not been able to get the 1692 to read a single file from our http server, so all of the above is theory intil proven otherwise.Also are you using VLANs to seperate voice from non voice?If so, please post the 242 options for both DHCP scopes/subnets. The firmware that ships with the set is increadibly broken, as some of you have noticed.I am not able to upgrade a 1692 polycom to the 1.0 load. All I have in the DHCP scope is a dummy Callserver IP and an HTTP server address. I have tried it in production but can not even get it to grab an IP address there. By pressing "* to prgram" at initial boot, the # key enables the following values to be seen (will show if/what it has pulled in from DHCP) Phone (IP) Call Sv Call Sv Port Router Mask File Sv File Sv Type Boot Server User name Boot Server Password 8021.

It gets stuck looking for a 004f2e43b97file not found. Q VLANID I have 242 options set to "MCIPADD=x.x.x.x, MCPORT=1719, HTTPSRVR=x.x.x.x" and verified that the phone is pulling this information in.

I'm having some trouble too, but I think you've got further than me. Once I can get as far as you, I can help resolve the issue you are describing.

I received a 1692 today and am working with it in the lab...

BTW1 from what I can understand the can be named 000000000000as that is the default file unless you want a mac specific configuration.

BTW2 The issue that you are having with the cfg file may be realted to the absence of a trailing carriage return at the end of the last line.

Issue im having is that the phone doesnt seem to be picking up or using any of our dhcp option 242 settings (which work fine with our 9620's).