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Plenty of fish dating service in canada

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THE FOLKS AT 8002520044 HACKED me, tried to extort money and a credit card number from me and continued to access my computer without consent and went places in my computer without knowledge as they would black out my screen till I shut off my computer. THE TECH AT YOUR 800 NUMBER FROM SOMEWHERE LIKE THE PHILIPPINES, CHINA OR SOMEWHERE USED AND MADE ME INSTALL THREE DIFFERENT PROGRAMS.Then they continued to call my phone to yell at me that I was rude because I wouldn't let them continue their hack. ONLY ONE WORKED HE THEN GOT ME INTO MY ACCOUNT SO I COULD RE SET MY PASSWORD BUT WOULD NOT I REPEAT NOT LET ME. NOTE HE SAID HE NEEDED TO USE A PROGRAM AND LOGIN TO MY COMPUTER AND TAKE CONTROL OR HE WOULDN' T LET ME IN MY POF ACCOUNT.

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By the time I get home I usually have a reply, although not always of course. Met both of my ex-girlsfriends on online dating sites (one on mingle2day, and last one on match) so I know how online dating works, I guess. And one cute girl I messaged that goes by the handle (Royalty8585) but extremely stuck up.How can a business based on internet traffic have no way of customers getting tech support.Get what you pay for - don't sign up for the upgrade!!! Then soon after they removed all of my (perfectly presentable and clothed face shots) photos. And that's another thing ladies your "delusional" in thinking any self-respecting guy. I dated a woman and she thought, I wanted to come after her kids and her horses. I have read a lot of these reviews "praising" this site. I read one review saying "that we were taking out or rejection out on this site?!I reported the user to POF and they did not delete his account.Shame on POF staff members for letting liars catfish women!!! MY ACCOUNT WAS COMPROMISED WHEN I LOST MY LAST PHONE.I TOLD HIM I HAD SENSITIVE INFORMATION ON MY COMPUTER AND I USED TO WORK IN THE AREA OF LAW AND I DID NOT GIVE HIM PERMISSION TO BLACK OUT MY SCREEN.


I reported an user on POF who claims to be 40 years old and has several properties.

I knew that it was smelling fishy according to the pictures.

BARBARA S cc: Depart of Consumer Affairs Consumer Fraud Division https:// Federal Bureau of Investigation United States Department of Defense. Sure theyre a big company with big advertising budgets but you still have to make an effort. In my experience and ive been dating online for a long time now, you get what you put in.

USA TODAY NEWSPAPER FOX NEWS POF is a dating site you should stay away from. My first problem is the fact that POF has different standards of what can be posted by males vs what can be posted by females.

had very upsetting experience on pof when et a man who was just a complete liar and also homeless, looking for someone to shack up with and a job. will never use plenty of fish again, its for seedy, broke men who want to prey on nice girls. I had posted some risque photos on my profile (not of me and not X-Rated). I have not been able to upload any photos since (about two weeks ago). Seriously I have never had a website tell me what I could and couldn't do? I don't want to date women my age because they are all dried up and tied up. I am going to post a few "highlights" from actual ad's on the site.