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Plenty more silverfish dating

What's more, the messages I received were from very, very desirable women.

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I wouldn't recommend this site - you'd get better value from a fruit machine.If it works out then i'll leave the dating site. gotta say I did meet a girl from Birmingham and we hit it off right away, but after after a few months the distance caught up with us (I'm in N.If you want to take your profile off PMF, you have to phone them and COMPLETELY delete your account then set it all up again if things dont work out!! Ireland) and I have had all the usual fake ones from Nigerians The horsey girls mentioned do exist, those I met were really nice girls, but had no other topic of conversation other than horses and sadly the only thing with horses in it i know about is BHP. I met someone through it 3 months ago and thats going great , so there are genuine people on there, BUT, when I don't log in for a while or my subscription is near due I find I always get emails and winks from impossibly beautiful women, even though I have deleted all my photos and text, leaving only the Q A stuff about age and income etc.. I received messages from people but because it is a paid dating site, it didn't last long and they just disappeared.I joined the site one year ago, after being alone for several years following an unpleasant divorce and many years alone.I started to enjoy exchanging correspondence through the site with many nice sounding men but none that I felt attracted enough to meet. His picture was of a nice looking man, obviously taken on a holiday, sitting relaxed at an outside beach café.I did complain to the providers but they said there's nothing that can be done. Regarding the horse issue, this seems to be common on dating sites along with women posing on 'their' Harley's. Are the horses sort of a symbol for what they want in a man?

And, is it just me or are there loads of girls on there (and other sites I've tried out) that own horses!?!? And are the harley's supposed to show she has a wild side or a lot of money or both? I make about the national average and I can't afford a harley now.

When I contacted the members via their personal emails, each replied with explicit photos and asking for age verification before meeting up.

To verify your age they sent a link which requires your credit card details.

Some girls had about 10 profiles which were exactly the same.

I got bored after this and decided to give it a miss.

The site lacks features, as others have said, and is hard to navigate. Hi, I signed up to plenty more naughty fish and within an hour had 8 winks.