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There remain questions regarding whether Mayor Reed knew of the book and its contents before Cochran was fired.Cochran has since filed suit in federal court alleging wrongful termination.

He has also served the Georgia Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee as its chairman.The referendum was originally a two-part referendum pitting the 2001 version of the flag against the proposed version and conditional on failed ratification of a new flag considering other flags including the 1956 version.Under this format if the legislators did not approve the newly designed flag over the existing one they could have pursued other designs including the one with the controversial 1956 version of the flag.(born June 10, 1969) is an American attorney and politician who is the 59th and current mayor of Atlanta, Georgia's state capital and largest city.A Democrat, Reed was a member of the Georgia House of Representatives from 1998 to 2002 and represented the 35th District in the Georgia State Senate from 2003 to 2009.As a campaign manager in an election occurring in the shadow of the September 11 attacks, he surveyed potential voters' perceptions of the propriety of the campaign's advertising broadcasts.

At the time certain ads were thought to focus on sensitive topics.

Thomas Friedman has praised Reed in the New York Times for balancing the city's budget by limiting the pensions of city employees.

This money was instead spent on the police force, as well as on community centers in poor neighborhoods (rather than on reversing the 42% increase in property taxes passed in 2009).

The proposal was defeated in a referendum, however. A column published under his name on saying that Bernie Sanders was "out of step" with Democrats was written by Tharon Johnson, a lobbyist for the United Health Group, Honda, MGM Resorts International and other corporate clients.

Reed stated that he would "work with opponents on the next plan to ease congestion." Reed came to national attention for his support of the candidacy of Hillary Clinton for the U. It was then edited by Correct the Record, a Clinton-supporting Super PAC, before publication.

He praises Reed as "combining a soft touch with a hard head." Since the 1990s, the official State Flag of Georgia had been a center of controversy as it incorporated the historic Confederate flag dating to the American Civil War, which among some people is thought to symbolize resistance to cultural changes in the state.