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Pilots dating nurses

As the last surviving Spitfires wheel over our cities, marking the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain this week, a few people – a very few – will look skyward and remember a former chorus girl called Poppy Houston.

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He once showed her his will, bequeathing her £1 million.Another wrote: “I seriously suggest a statue of her, looking as she did when she was the toast of Edwardian London, arm in arm with two young pilots with a suitable inscription: “Poppy Houston – The First of the Few.” Sir Michael Graydon does not disagree.To criticisms that she was at least a little mad, he says: “Well, thank God for her madness!Scientists divided the globe into 20 regions of seismic activity, conducted fresh research and studied records of past quakes.The result was the most accurate map of global seismic activity to date.The Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program was a multi-year project sponsored by the United Nations that assembled the first consistent worldwide map of earthquake zones.

The project was designed to help nations prepare for future earthquakes and take steps to mitigate potential damage and deaths.

Gretton showered her with gifts and bequeathed her £6,000 a year for life when he died in 1882, aged just 42.

Described as a ''fresh-air fiend and nudist”, she claimed “prophetic powers” of a quasi-religious nature.

There are several major earthquake zones in North America.

One of the most notable can be found on Alaska's central coast, extending north to Anchorage and Fairbanks.

She supported the suffragettes and later opened a rest home for nurses who had served on the Western Front.