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Picture of hermaphrodite sex

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According to reports in the Australian media, the medical tests have established that she has no womb or ovaries and that she also has internal testes – the male sexual organs responsible for producing testosterone.

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Other celebrities to face these rumors include Megan Fox, Ciara, and Jamie Lee Curtis.Yes, cannabis plants are “dioecious” plants, which means each plant shows a particular gender, just like humans and many animals.There will occasionally be plants that show gender and these plants are often referred to as hermaphrodites or “hermies”, which I will explain in much greater detail below.Get your questions about buying seeds online answered!You can also make your own feminized seeds, but you have to start with two known female cannabis plants. A stamen normally grows inside a male pollen sac but sometimes they appear directly on female buds, especially in times of stress.

A stamen produces pollen and doesn't even need to open up before it starts making seeds!

More information on how to ensure you grow only female plants is located in the Grower Toolbox below the main article.

It’s impossible to at a young cannabis plant and know its gender For the first part of your cannabis plant’s life, it will be in the first stage of growth known as the “Vegetative Stage.” In this stage your plant will only grow leaves and stems, but no buds or flowers.

Remove plants immediately if they start growing bananas on the buds!

This is a hermie male pre-flower that also has two female pistils sticking out.

Please note that some male cannabis plants (about 70% of male cannabis plants according to some estimates) may produce a small amount of useable THC via trichomes growing on the outside of the plant.