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From double-digit figures in 2013, the numbers have been steadily rising to 3-digit figures until last year.Common modus According to PNP-ACG Assistant Chief PSupt Jay Guillermo, online threats and libel complaints mostly make use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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The number of complaints on online threats, online scams, and identity theft has also been increasing since 2013, based on data from the PNP-ACG.On its National Marine Data and Information Service website, China confirmed for the first time that it had “reasonably” expanded its islands in the “Good faith” is usually defined as honesty and sincerity — the absence of any desire to act maliciously or with fraudulence toward others.All materials contained in this site (including, but not limited to, directories, guides, news articles, captions, bylines, opinions, reviews, text, photographs, images, illustrations, trademarks, service marks, program codes and the like) are the copyrighted property of either Inquirer Interactive, Inc., its partner firm the Philippine Daily Inquirer, or a third-party content provider with whom Inquirer Interactive, Inc. Note: We regret that due to the high volume of e-mail we receive, we cannot answer requests for product information, advertiser contact information, or information for research reports. I need an ad that I saw in PDI but I can’t find it in I would like to post an article from onto my website. I need an article from today’s Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) but I can’t find it in the Article Index. Due to syndication agreements between PDI and, some articles published in PDI may not appear in But Guillermo pointed out that this information could be easily obtained online.On social media, Guillermo said those who reported receiving online threats also tend to know the person harassing them, having been in a previous relationship or involved in some degree of affinity.Difficulty in getting evidence How long does it take to investigate cybercrime complaints?

According to Guillermo, the process differs on a case-to-case basis, and can also be dependent on the evidence gathered by investigators.

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ISPs too do not readily provide information without a court order.

But to get a court order, police would first need evidence to back up their request.

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