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Pharmacist dating

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If multiple-dose parenteral medication vials (MDVs) are used, refrigerate the MDVs after they are opened unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

Theoretically predicted beyond-use dating introduces varying degrees of assumptions, and hence a likelihood of error or at least inaccuracy.The majority of CSPs are aqueous solutions in which hydrolysis of dissolved ingredients is the most common chemical degradation reaction.The extent of hydrolysis and other heat-catalyzed degradation reactions at any particular time point in the life of a CSP represents the thermodynamic sum of exposure temperatures and durations.However, quantitative stability-indicating assays, such as high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) assays, would be more appropriate for certain CSPs.Examples include CSPs with a narrow therapeutic index, where close monitoring or dose titration is required to ensure therapeutic effectiveness and to avoid toxicity; where a theoretically established beyond-use dating period is supported by only marginal evidence; or where a significant margin of safety cannot be verified for the proposed beyond-use dating period.Theoretically predicted beyond-use dating periods should be carefully considered for CSPs prepared from nonsterile bulk active ingredients having therapeutic activity, especially where these CSPs are expected to be compounded routinely.

When CSPs will be distributed to and administered in residential locations other than health care facilities, the effect of potentially uncontrolled and unmonitored temperature conditions must be considered when assigning beyond-use dates.

Beyond-use dates for CSPs that are prepared strictly in accordance with manufacturers' product labeling must be those specified in that labeling, or from appropriate literature sources or direct testing.

Beyond-use dates for CSPs that lack justification from either appropriate literature sources or by direct testing evidence must be assigned as described in the section In addition, the pharmacist may refer to applicable publications to obtain relevant stability, compatibility, and degradation information regarding the drug or its congeners.

The degree of error or inaccuracy would be dependent on the extent of differences between the CSP's characteristics (such as composition, concentration of ingredients, fill volume, or container type and material) and the characteristics of the products from which stability data or information are to be extrapolated.

The greater the doubt of the accuracy of theoretically predicted beyond-use dating, the greater the need to determine dating periods experimentally.

Expiration dating not specifically referenced in the package insert should not exceed 30 days once the vial has been opened.