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Percentage of people who have tried online dating

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They'd graduated from the same college, had nearly 20 friends in common on Facebook and still might never have met had it not been for a popular mobile dating app.

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Be aware, too, that potential dates will look you up on social media and will see if you look like those profile photos.Among 18- to 24-year-olds, 27 percent have used websites or mobile apps to facilitate dating, according to the survey of 2,001 adults, conducted last summer.Among those ages 55 to 64, the number has jumped from 6 percent to 12 percent since 2013.In a lot of ways, they speak very much to the way young people engage with lots of types of information." The mobile apps are "extremely oriented around social media, location activities and game-play mechanics," he said.Those aspects are important and familiar to younger adults.Smith said women are more likely than men to feel that way.

Megan Jarrett said she and Nathan met in person for the first time at a local deli because both wanted to meet in a public place where they felt safe.

It's not like going to a party or bar and then pretending you're casually running into people," she said. Profiles on the apps are very short and it's key to know the lingo, she said. It means "no strings attached" and no serious relationship in the offing, for instance.

On the other hand, with snippets of information that the macroprofiles provide on dating apps, "someone who's probably really nice may sound like a serial killer." For those who choose to try online or mobile app dating tools, Spira recommends being honest and specific about what one seeks. Use of digital tools lets people find dates quickly. It's possible to meet a greater variety of people than one might otherwise. "I am of the belief that the more people you date, the better dater you become and the more you will learn about what you really want at that point in your life," said Spira, who noted one's desires are not static, nor are they the same within age groups.

While older adults sometimes use mobile apps, they are more likely to use online dating sites, he added.

The Deseret News interviewed several dating app users from Salt Lake City to get an idea of how they give dating a virtual jump-start.

Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect day to discuss online and phone app dating—and how the popularity of dating sites and mobile apps is up (surprise, surprise), according to a new Pew Research Center study. I guess with the advent of so many phone apps—Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, The League, should I go on?