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You are in full control – at least until your owner decides to go another direction.But this would all be window dressing without a good backbone, and that backbone is the simulation engine.

For ages, gamers have looked for ways to bring our National Pastime to their favorite systems, with some that are Hall of Fame worthy, and some that couldn’t even crack the Independent Leagues looking for one last shot at glory.And with that engine comes the 3D presentation of the game.Games are won and lost by managerial decisions, and you can make them all in OOTP 18.And if you’re new to management sims, this is the best one to cut your teeth on, because it’s very intuitive for even a novice to simulations. Would you like to see what would have happened to the Red Sox if they hadn’t traded Babe Ruth?Or maybe you’d like to simulate a whole different league, like Nippon Professional Baseball in Japan?Once in the game, you start with your manager screen.

This is where your goals are defined for the coming season from either your GM or owner, depending on what level you started.

Cap it off with in depth recaps, and the full feeling of our national pastime is complete.

OOTP has been the reigning king of baseball simulations for years now, but they haven’t rested on those laurels.

With a full MLBPA license on top of the MLB license, you get access to the greats of the past, present, and future for baseball.

Make trades, sign free agents, draft the next generation of champions, and make international deals – because even the CBA changes for 2017 are in this game.

It’s knows for it’s serenity along with a mental aspect that likens it to chess.