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Paula abdul dating contestant

Speculation varied from on-air substance abuse to accusations that the producers were fixing the contest. Cell Phone Gate Since Clay Aiken's defeat, nothing has sparked as many conspiracies theories as Adam Lambert’s season 8 loss to Kris Allen.Paula later explained that a last-second change of format had led to the confusion. Lambert’s fanatical following believed that "Idol" sponsor AT&T had handed out special phones at "Kris-boosting" parties in Arkansas that allowed recipents to place huge numbers of calls.

However, in season 7, when she critiqued a performance that had not yet occurred, it seemed like something worse was afoot.Ultimately the nature of the videos—a sex act performed upon a beverage container on a site entitled “Daddy’s Little Girl”—proved too hot for "Idol" and Frenchie became the first public disqualification in the show’s history. WANTED: Corey Clark Just a couple months after Idol’s first disqualification, the show eliminated yet another contestant.It came to light that sleepy-eyed bad boy Corey Clark was wanted in his home state of Kansas for assaulting a police officer and battery.Jefferson adds his client will “fully cooperate with any governmental agency that launches an investigation stemming from his claims.” Jed Wallace, a spokesman for Clark (who reportedly is shopping a book proposal about his experience), refused to comment Tuesday on what sort of “evidence” Clark might have.Abdul’s spokesman, Shawn Sachs, did not immediately comment to AP.While pundits believed Fox would have to dump its star to remain credible, but "Idol" stood by its gal, denying Clark’s charges.

Ultimately, the media narrative turned against ABC, accusing them of trying to damage a rival show, and Paula came out relatively unscathed, but it was a very close call. Sanjaya Sticks Around Every year, there's one contestant that makes everyone wonder, how does this no-talent survive?

Early in the season, the site had thrown its weight behind Sanjaya, as had radio host Howard Stern.

Sanjaya only made it to seventh place, but not before becoming the show’s permanent anti-hero. David Hernandez Breaks the Gay/Straight Barrier When evidence emerged that season 7’s David Hernandez had worked as a gay stripper, "Idol" had it's first encounter with the question of sexual orientation.

The rules only demand that contestants not be under any current contract when they join the show.

But in many cases "Idol"’s audiences are more Catholic than the pope—so to speak—and have expectations of the singers above the formal requirements.

In general, this stems from a general misunderstanding of "Idol" rules.