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Communities of the Burki, in and around the city of Jalandhar were referred to as the basti.The Babakhel Burki are said to have come from Kaniguram in South Waziristan in 1617, accompaniying Shaikh Darwesh, leader of the Roshaniya (Pir Roshan)muslims.

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Large numbers of Pathans accompanied the armies of Mahmud of Ghazni, Muhammad of Ghor and Babur, and many of them obtained grants of land in the Punjab plains and founded Pathan colonies which still exist.Which show strength of Pathan tribes The tribes most commonly to be found in the Punjab region are the Niazai, Bangash, Yusufzai, Hassan Zai, Mandanr, Lodhi, Kakar, Sherwani, Orakzai, Tanoli, Tareen, Sulemankhel sulemani, Kakazai, Karlanri, Khizerzai, Khetran and the Zamand Pathans.Of these the most widely distributed are the Yusufzai, of whom a body of 12,000 accompanied the Mughal Emperor Babur in the final invasion of India, and settled in the plains of India and the Punjab.During the Lodi and Suri dynasties many Pathans migrated to Punjab especially during the reign of Bahlol Lodhi and Sher Shah Suri.These naturally belonged to the Ghilzai section from which those kings sprung. Trapusa and Bahalika, variously assumed to be merchants or slaves from Balkh were the first lay-person to accept Buddha.Which will make the process of Job finding for you very easy.: 1- Single Click apply on jobs where possible.

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After Jalandhar was burnt down by the Gurus of Kartarpur in 1757, Kot Khan Jahan was founded by Khan Jahan.

This family was known as the Sadakhel; and other Burki tribes include the Guz, Aliak and Babakhel.

Archaeological evidence, however, suggests a Greek influence before this invasion.

A phylogenetic study investigated the possible genetic relation of Pathans with Greeks and found evidence of a limited contributions of Greek genes in the Pathan population.

It includes Miana (Mianrhi), Qaisrani (a tribe related to Kakars, and the owners/sardars of area are Khetran (According to H.