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He calls less and is busier at work and with friends.

You worry that he won’t care for your feelings or ultimately be there for you.The truth is that chemistry is the easy part that no one has to work or qualify for. In fact, the whole purpose is to explore if there’s true compatibility between you, dialing up the attraction he feels for you, and setting up a loving and truly HONEST connection that’s about knowing the TRUTH about each other instead of pretending to be someone you’re not. You laughed, you felt that chemistry and connection, and then he said he’d call and set up another date. You’ve seeing a man for a while, but he swings from making plans and spending time with you and wanting to be with you… Most women in this situation accidentally do and say the exact things that push a man farther away, turns him off and shuts down the doors of communication on both sides.Don’t stay in the dark on what this Moment is really about with a man.But for some reason, your once loving man grows quiet and distant.There is a way to have the commitment talk and share your needs so you and your man both truly commit and move forward in a loving and CONSCIOUS way.You need to know exactly what to look for in a man to figure out if he’s really relationship material or is just another disaster waiting to happen. Things were going so well, so why doesn’t he call you?

Most women approach first dates as if they’re all about getting to know a man and seeing if there’s chemistry. There are 3 reasons why a man doesn’t call, and knowing these will show you what’s really going on in a man’s mind on the first few dates and how to make sure he is dying to call you.

If you want lasting success in your relationships, you need to master the moments in which your relationship is either made or lost.

The moments when a man either falls more deeply in love, or starts losing attraction and considers leaving. do you know how to handle each Moment with a man to make sure you grow closer in these moments?

Men often don’t come with this skill of being truly open and bringing their deeper feelings to the surface, but if you’re going to have a lasting relationship that is in any way fulfilling for you, then you HAVE TO stop this pattern of your man shutting down.

It’s easy and no longer your burden to try and fix – once you learn the steps to creating this shift. He breaks up with you and you feel completely awful – until he contacts you and says he’s been “thinking” about things and wants to talk. In this Moment, I’ll reveal the two types of men who do this, what it says about them, and how to prevent your relationship from slipping into this painful pattern ever again Sometimes when things are going well in relationships, our own feelings get in the way.

It’s critical to avoid falling into the trap of a half-committed relationship for months or years trying to convince him to feel differently.