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Park bench dating ebook

Scientists, psychologists, anthropologists and other experts, often research love and human emotions.This research doesn’t need to stand against the church and biblical teaching, but can offer an insight into culture, relationships, and modern trends for christians and the church. I find listening to a range of topics very interesting (but lots of them are about sport! Recently I came across a talk by Helen Fisher, an anthropologist who studies human behaviours, and an expert in ‘love’.

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Marriage is something that signals commitment beyond just sharing a house.(Read my post about God and relationships here.) Lots more could be said about Fishers talk and about all the other research.But the science of love can help the church understand the need and how to respond.What may surprise you, is that technology hasn’t really changed how we bond.Fisher says, which I have also said for many years, is that dating websites and apps can introduce us to more people than ever, but those people still need to sit on a park bench and talk. The brain still needs to kick in and form an attachment in that situation and make it work long term. She points out that even though people are getting married later, and the path to marriage is looking very different in modern culture, most people still want to get married, or at the very least create a long term relationship.It’s about commitment, making promises and being devoted to each other.

Christians should take comfort in Fisher’s research because it reminds us that people still want to get married, and are designed to be monogamous.

Often there is doom and gloom around modern relationships and dating.

Sometimes the church can feel overwhelmed and irrelevant.

This post can’t analyse and critique everything that was said, but two of her main points got me thinking.

Her research, which has studied hundreds of cultures and thousands of people over many decades, suggests that humans have a desire to create a monogamous romantic relationship.

While young people are scared because there is so much choice and opportunity, they’re terrified about getting it wrong. We meet more people online, and offline, than ever before.