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Street X Sprezza is the blog of Ethan Wong, a millennial vintage lover of modest height from California.

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You will find anything from outfits inspired by vintage fashion illustrations, to made to measure reviews or guide on how to score $3 bargains on vintage suits, all while keeping a young, upbeat voice that appeals a younger audience.Founded by the Romanian Mircea Cioponea in 2011, Claymoor’s List is a site loaded with photos, interviews, and information about classic men’s shoes.As such it is a niche blog but one that is fully in line with our philosophy of quality and timeless style. It is comprehensive and filled with well-written niche articles that focus on specific details of classic men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.On top of that, he always goes the extra mile when sourcing pictures, which means you get quite a few inspirational photos that round out the post.Brian Sacawa started He Spoke Style in 2013 and partnered early on with photographer Rob Mc Iver.Torsten has a marvelously classic, understated style that does not cry for attention but focuses on the details and fit.

While many other are obsessed with Italian tailoring, he often works with craftsmen less well-known to the general internet style world.

We wanted to take a different approach and focus on just classic men’s style outlets such as blogs, You Tube channels, Instagram accounts and Tumblrs because classic men’s style has always been at the core of what we do and fashion has very little to do with it.

Of course, these kinds of list are always subjective, but the goal is to highlight other solid content creators in the space that appeal to us.

Whether it’s factory visits, style discussions, bespoke tailoring, shoe making, quality off-the-rack clothing, Laurent does it all with a large attention to detail.

If you do not speak French, use Google translate because Laurent provides a lot of information about small craftsmen who produces beautiful items.

As a consequence, the photography has always been superb.