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When I think back to 2017, it’ll always be the year I live in Detroit, Michigan. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in six cities around the world (Pretoria, Auckland, London, Melbourne, Toronto, and Detroit) and I have the fondest memories of Detroit. I was so nervous to move to Detroit, and just last night at Veronica’s wedding I told a couple they should visit Detroit if they can, and they looked at me with the same horror in their eyes that I once I had.

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A few years ago I thought I’d have to settle on good.Caixas Agrupadas p/ Individualizações de Hidrômetros Caixas Agrupadas Mod.Standard, Agrupamento/Módulos c/ 2,3,4,5,peças - Único agrupamento do mercado com sistema de escoamento de Água.Dessa forma todo processo de atendimento e logística se tornam ainda mais eficientes.Acesse nossa página de representantes para poder encontrar os mais próximos de você no seu Estado Desde junho de 2003, a Doal Plastic agora em sua sede própria, continua mantendo o atendimento comercial e técnico personalizado, garantindo assim o propósito de fortalecer a relação entre seus Clientes e Fornecedores.Two companies ago I realized you can’t give your whole to a company, as they will never return it (business is business), but at the risk of sounding cheesy, I am bought into my company, and love what I do so much that I’ve been heavily debating cancelling this trip to New Orleans, as truth be told I enjoy work that much.

I also made the leap into researching and learning and growing myself (career-wise) in my personal time this year.

This year I naturally wanted to read about things I wanted to learn.

I listened to so many podcasts on management and technology and my discipline. As I type this, I am at the highest weight of my life.

Sometimes I even get home sick for it, and wonder if I should move back, From that first day I made the five hour trip west to Detroit, it was this adventure that only I was a part of.

I met so many incredible people there, ate delicious food, took some of my favourite photos to date, and learned to value a slower pace. ) with my mom, headed west to Chicago twice, explored Boston with friends, saw San Diego and LA, headed to Norway and Sweden, and as I type this (I’m on a plane right now) I’m heading to New Orleans for New Years. Norway was a top highlightl; I hiked Trolltunga by myself, and had this whirlwind romance with a guy from Ohio, which I still sometimes feel was like stepping into a movie. I have no idea why or how, but I dated three people quite seriously. That all being said, there were many ups and downs in my dating world, and I’m closing the year feeling quite jaded to love.

I had tried several times before, but during my research to find scientific facts, I grew increasingly discouraged because there are so many conflicting reports, every subject is debatable, and most of the material focuses on the weird or disturbing aspects of behavior.