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conducted a systematic Web search of 12 suicide-associated terms (e.g., suicide, suicide methods, how to kill yourself, and best suicide methods) to analyze the search results and found that pro-suicide sites and chat rooms that discussed general issues associated with suicide most often occurred within the first few hits of a search. also conducted a study that examined suicide-related sites that can be found using Internet search engines.

The first person who committed suicide live on today's social media platforms - Océane Ebem, an eighteen-year-old woman from Égly in the suburbs of Paris - explicitly said, "I want to communicate a message, and I want it to be passed around, even if it’s very shocking." The media tends to popularize videos and social media posts in order to inform the public of the rising trouble.Contributors to these social media platforms may also exert peer pressure to commit suicide, idolize those who have completed suicide, and facilitate suicide pacts. For example, on a Japanese message board in 2008 it was shared that a person can kill himself/herself using hydrogen sulfide gas.Shortly after 220 people attempted suicide in this way, and 208 were successful.Lastly, in a survey participants were asked to assess the extent of their suicidal thoughts on a 7-level scale (0, absolutely no suicidal thoughts, to 7, very strong suicidal thoughts) for the time directly before their first forum visit and at the time of the survey (Eichenberg, 2008).The study found significant reduction after using the forum.Together, these studies have shown that obtaining pro-suicide information on the Internet, including detailed information on suicide methods, is very easy.

Although, the public opinion is that message boards are harmful, the following studies show how they point to suicide prevention and have positive influences.

Social media and suicide is a relatively new phenomenon, which influences suicide-related behavior. According to the World Health Organization, in the year 2020, approximately 1.53 million people will die from suicide (Gvion & Apter, 2012).

There is increasing evidence that this behavior of using social media affects and changes people's lives, especially in teenagers.

Cyberbullying is a huge problem linked to increases in suicide rates (Mason, 2008).

One explanation that has arisen, is the cause and effect relationship between social media advertised suicides and younger generations being influenced by them.

Social media is a relatively new phenomenon that has swept the world during the past decade.