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Outlook calendar appointments not updating

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The end user can publish a calendar with a “public” URL that is searchable.The other option is a “restricted” URL with an obfuscated URL.

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Here’s a quick run through of how to create a new policy via EMC that only applies to certain users: Open EMC and navigate to the Organizational Configuration node, then to Mailbox and select the Sharing Policies tab: First, examine the sharing policies already present.Give the policy a name and add a new “domain” called “Anonymous” and select an appropriate maximum level of access: After you’ve added the “domain” anonymous to the policy, make sure it’s enabled, then press Next.On the next page you’ll be presented with the opportunity to add mailboxes now.In the above screenshot, I’ve got a single sharing policy which is disabled.As we’re adding a new policy right-click in the white space or click “New Sharing Policy…” on the actions pane.The Calendar Publishing works via a new virtual directory – “calendar”.

This lives the “owa” virtual directory as “/owa/calendar” and has anonymous, http access enabled (watch out ISA/TMG users).

The recipient then can simply refer to the calendar via a web browser, or by using any i Calendar compliant software or web app they can subscribe to the shared Calendar.

Getting back to the anonymous part, there are two options.

For our first example, let’s have a look at Exchange’s primary competitor, Google Apps.

To add the shared calendar to Google Calendar, the end user chooses “Add” then “Add by URL”.

One of the new features available in Exchange 2010 SP1 and higher (including SP2 and SP3) that I’m excited about (and already making use of) is the ability to share calendars from Exchange either in i Calendar or HTML format. Doesn’t Exchange 2010 already have improved Calendar sharing with the new federated sharing features available from RTM? And this new features doesn’t replace federated sharing, however if you want to share calendars is that the world doesn’t run Exchange 2010.