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Outdoor ativities dating

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Everyone knows that a picnic is romantic, but when is the last time you actually had one?You can make it simple with a few sandwiches, fruit, crackers, cheese, and something to drink.

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If you have some strong trees in your backyard, put them to use with a hammock.Stargazing is especially fun when there is a meteor shower.Keep the following peak dates in mind when planning your viewing: Hiking is another activity to combine with camping or separately.Explore outdoor romantic ideas to add some variety to your dating and romance. Regardless of the season, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy with your sweetheart.You don't have to travel far away to experience outdoor romance. In nice weather, some restaurants provide outdoor seating.Having a lazy day in your own backyard can be surprisingly romantic.

You can observe cloud formations, talk, cuddle and nap.

Try visiting a less well-known camp, or go during the off-season to ensure some privacy.

Bring materials for s'mores as no romantic camping trip would be complete without this treat.

When you get home, sip a warm drink together, sit by the fire and sing Christmas songs with each other.

While there are many romantic ideas near your home, sometimes you have to travel a little further for some outdoor fun.

You might also pack a picnic lunch to have during your hike.