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Origin of dating violence

To comply with federal requirements regarding non-discrimination in admissions and operations, the University’s approved non-discrimination statement must appear in major University publications such as the General Catalog.

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Reports of any violation or suspected violation of the protections of Title IX involving a student may be made to the Deputy Title IX Coordinator, whose name and contact information is always available online at or by calling 970-491-7407.The University takes all allegations of such misconduct seriously.When allegations of such acts are reported, and a Covered Person is found to have violated this policy, consequences will result, up to and including dismissal from CSU.Any disciplinary action for a tenured faculty member must follow the procedures outlined in Section E.15; Disciplinary Action for Tenured Faculty, of the Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual.All members of the CSU community are expected to not infringe upon the rights of others.The required non-discrimination statements, as well as further information regarding these requirements, are available at the Office of Equal Opportunity.

The University prohibits any act of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking by a Covered Person, and any retaliation related to reports of such acts.

The OEO will maintain, publish and follow procedures for the review and resolution of complaints where the Responding Party is not a student. Cooperation and participation by the members of the University community in the resolution of a complaint under these procedures is necessary.

When the person alleged to have committed the violation is an agent or contractor of the University who is not subject to any disciplinary procedures of the University and it reasonably appears that a violation has occurred, the matter will be referred to the appropriate official or department for further action. All University community members asked to participate should do so.

Upon receiving a report of alleged or possible sex-based discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual assault, or retaliation, the Deputy Title IX Coordinator will evaluate the information received and determine what further actions should be taken.

Further action may include contacting the CSU Police Department.

All University business units, wherever located, are covered by this policy.