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Sex therapy is usually short term, with a limited number of sessions.

Sexual issues can be complicated, and your therapist will want to get a clear idea of all the factors involved.You can ask your primary care provider for a referral to a sex therapist, or you might check with a local hospital or medical center to see whether they have a sex medicine clinic.Your health insurer or employee assistance program may offer recommendations as well.Typically, however, several counseling sessions are needed.As sex therapy progresses, you can use your home experiences to further identify and refine the issues you'd like to work on.Accreditation and recognitions provide the assurance we meet standards for quality of faculty, curriculum, learner services, and fiscal stability.

Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy — a general term for treating mental health problems by talking with a mental health professional.

Certified sex therapists do not have sexual contact with clients, in the office or anywhere else.

Sexual coaching that involves physical contact is not part of mainstream sex therapy.

As another option, you can check with a professional organization, such as AASECT.

Or look on the professional organization websites of psychologists, licensed clinical social workers and psychiatrists to locate a licensed and qualified provider of sex therapy.

Help individuals overcome underlying issues that are presented as sexual difficulties.