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He or she does not have to provide the court with reasons.In England and Wales, the prosecution and defence have no such right to stand down jurors.

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Calling Mr Horton incredibly stubborn, Mr Burt said the reversal seemed out of character, and suggested that Michael Dunkley or others in the Government might have pressed for the session to go ahead.We immediately put into action our spill response plan to stop the leak and work with authorities to begin clean-up, the statement said.The company said the tank was contained within a protective berm.The Chief Justice told The Royal Gazette that the peremptory challenge rights of criminal defendants were important to the fairness of the jury-trial process.It will be difficult for an accused person to identify reasons for challenging jurors, if cause was required, he added.The report contains an independent assessment by an experienced public order practitioner of the planning, command, and tactics used by the police along with ten recommendations to be considered, the spokesman said. The system of selecting juries in Bermuda that allows for both the prosecution and defence to stand down jurors without providing reasons does not need to be reformed, according to Chief Justice Ian Kawaley.

Mr Justice Kawaleys comments follow a recent criminal trial involving three defendants in which it took more than a day to find 12 jurors to hear the case.

The report has not gotten to the bottom of exactly what was communicated between the Premier, the Commissioner of Police, and the Speaker of the House, Mr Burt said.

Last night, the Premier decried the comments made by Mr Burt as misinformation and alternative facts.

Bermuda is best served by sticking to the facts, so lets do that, Mr Dunkley said in a release.

For the record, I did not nor did any of my colleagues instruct the Bermuda Police Service at any time on police operations and tactics.

The release posed no disruption in supplies to customers and no immediate threat to workers or neighboring properties.