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Online dating medical doctors

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However, a local court in Chandigarh denied their petition.

Interviewer: Now, you’re originally from Mumbai and you came to work as a doctor in the UK. And the second reason is that I met my wife, who was working as a paediatric nurse.A pregnant ten-year-old Indian girl will be examined by doctors to determine whether it is safer for her to have an abortion or continue and give birth to the baby.The girl, who is from the northern city of Chandigarh, Punjab, was allegedly raped by her uncle.Psychiatrists involved in the case said the girl has no understanding that she is pregnant or the implications of her condition.The BBC reported that the girl is from an extremely poor family.Can you name all the doctors you’ve seen in the past five years or all the conditions you’ve been treated for?

It can be difficult to remember everything about your health history.

"A personal medical record can be a real lifesaver." Having a record of your health is especially handy when you have limited time during a doctor's visit.

Information a doctor might need to diagnose and treat you will be at your fingertips.

Experience of working in the British National Health Service was highly valued in India.

Interviewer: You must have seen a lot of changes in the National Health Service. There weren’t so many problems with long waiting lists, and new advances in areas such as organ transplants made it an exciting profession to be in. Did you have any problems when you first started working in Britain? My first placement was in a hospital in the north-east of England and I had real problems understanding what people were saying to me, which came as quite a shock as I thought I had rather good English.

I only intended to stay for five years, while I completed my postgraduate studies. The clinical training I received was fantastic, and I worked alongside some excellent consultants and learnt a lot.