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It seems that no one has actually crunched the numbers to prove that, but jokes like “Only druggies and Easterners are named Kevin” suggest he’s on to something. ) It seems very possible that German Kevins’ smoking and lack of education has as much to do with their family background as it does with their name.popularized a study on the causes and consequences of black- versus white-sounding names, whose key conclusion is that parents who name their kid Jake are quite different from the parents who name their kid De Shawn.

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This variable speed, horizontally mounted cooling system draws clean cool air from above the combine, pulling it through the engine coolers and out all-new exhaust vents . The new, more efficient, cooling system draws less horsepower than its predecessor, allowing more horsepower to be used to maximize header, threshing and separation performance.While exotic baby names may seem like a disease that most commonly afflicts celebrities, in Germany it’s really about the other end of the economic spectrum.An article on Kevinism [note: this article contains a lot of German] in quotes sociologist Jürgen Gerhards, who asserts that Anglo-American names (Mandy, Justin, Angelina to name a few more) are a lower-class phenomenon.So if you’re named Kevin, that probably won’t hold you back much.But then, that also means you had parents who were the type to name you Kevin, which is another story. CLAAS Electronic Machine Optimization System (CEMOS) technology, is another option available on the latest LEXION combines.

In corn and soybeans, a dialog-based version of the CEMOS system helps the operator make the correct combine settings for optimal speed and grain retention.

This option is capable of an unloading rate of up to 3.8 bushels per second.

Coupled with the new auger is the PROFI CAM camera system, which is positioned to monitor the unloading process and residue management system performance.

Yes, Jake will probably be more successful, but he is also likely to have had wealthier parents and grown up behind a white picket fence.

In short, name is a sign, more than a cause, of difference.

While the paper claims to have controlled for economic class, self-reported income on online-dating profiles is, well, notoriously unreliable.