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One 2 one adult webcam

To learn more, click the VOLUNTEER button above (the e-mail address is there, too! Based on Lily's past performance, we expect that by the end of the week there could be 4 or 5 eggs in the scrape.We won't get to see all of them, but, as the birds move around, and turn the eggs, we will catch glimpses of them from time to time.

Over the past few days, there has been a noticable increase in courting behavior, with Ossie bringing more meals to Lily on the nest ledge (as seen in the photo at left). It is normal for falcons to not constantly incubate the first egg or two, so that they develop more slowly, and thus have a better chance of hatching at the same time.If there is a chick, it may be up to a week before it moves enough to be seen by the camera. We think so, but with the scrape hidden from our camera view, we are basing this opinion on how Lily now spends most of her time nestled in that corner, and the fact that Ossie is now occasionally taking a turn sitting there after bringing Lily a meal (picture at left).Friday, April 28, 2017 - Volunteers needed in June/July for our on-street watch. You choose your own 2-hour shifts from the online listing of available volunteer shifts. All we ask is that you e-mail us to register, attend a (2 hour) orientation meeting (to be announced, on a weekday evening early in June), and please show up for your shift(s) (or let us know at least a day ahead of time if you need to cancel). Oh, and if you have binoculars, that would be good! Judging by the activity we have seen in the last few days, we think laying may have begun Saturday or Sunday.It seems quite likely that they will try this location for their second clutch.Based on our experience with Madame X in 2014, we have high hopes to see (and yes, actually *see*) new eggs by the end of the week!Huntsville built most of that stuff up there in space.

We built most of the equipment that took us to the moon. Include your boarding pass link on every Facebook post you do between now and the end of the month.

A replica of the grant cheque was presented at the TD Canada Trust branch in Jackson Square, on 15 November 2017, to Falconwatch Senior Monitor Mike Street (right) by Maria Delio, Manager, Customer Service & Sales, and Natanael Paipa, Manager Financial Services, at the branch.

Thursday, June 15, 2017 - Lily and Ossie are spending a lot of time at the Sheraton - the pair were busy at both ends of the nest ledge on Wednesday evening between and and again during the same half hour this morning - but so far theres no sign of a second clutch. Monday, May 29, 2017 - It appears that Lily and Ossie have finally given up on their first clutch of eggs.

Join me by getting your own boarding pass here: OK!

Only our names etched on the Orion space capsule payload will go, not us. We built most of the stuff that took us to the moon.

Sign up your kids and relatives, and we could be in the top three. and if only half of them helped us could be in first place.