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Speaking to Mail Online, she said: 'I should have realised it was just about the money.My friends thought that he was just marrying me for the money.

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Of these, 22,074 were children like Lizzie van Zyl. After lights out, we slept next to the box where Tant Lettie had hidden the coins. They went from Bethulie to a camp at Kubusie River near Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape, nestled in the green hills of the Amatola Range, a world away from the horrors of Bethulie. We used a paraffin tin outside the tent for a stove, same as a 'kaffir-koggel ,' with holes in the sides and irons to hold pots. "Refugees" described displaced Boers who surrender, the "hands-uppers" and their dependants. Every morning we stood in line to fill our buckets. Tant Lettie, the two boys and Johanna were designated "Undesirables," a term applied to Boers who don't go voluntarily into captivity or had family members on commando. When seven-year-old Lizzie van Zyl died of hunger at Bloemfontein, a report said her mother starved her."I used to see her in her bare tent lying on a tiny mattress which had been given her, trying to get air from the raised flap, gasping her life out in the heated tent. I got some friends in town to make a little muslin cap to keep the flies from her bare head. Carts came down the rows of tents to pick up the dead. British propagandists alleged that Boer mothers were killing their children through their own stupidity and carelessness.Joey and her cousins, Johann Petrus and Michiel Christoffel, were in the convoy when it was attacked and captured by the British "Tommies" near Springfontein in the Free State.

We trekked with fourteen wagons, seventy women and children, escorted by thirty Boer commandos.

Also ignoring the fact that 115,000 "black Boers" were sent to their own concentration camps, loyal servants who saw twelve thousand of their number die. Miss O'Brien cut up her own clothes to make dresses for me.

She stole someone else's skirt and walked with him. No one hated Emily more than Lord Kitchener, whose troops burnt down 30,000 farm houses, torched a score of towns and interned 116,572 Boers, a quarter of the population."It is for their protection against the Kaffirs," said the British War Secretary, oblivious to the fact that Africans were being armed and encouraged by the English to attack a mutual enemy.

But I really loved him and I thought he really loved me and I wanted to prove them wrong.'I've never loved anybody the way I loved him. He was desperate for me to move out here.' Mrs De Zoysa says she still 'think[s] about him every day' after he was murdered last month at a friend's house.

She says she believes her husband was shot dead by men trying to blackmail him for money.'From what I've been told he was at a friend's house.

A big hole with plank seats and sacking around it, you climbed up on top of the planks. They used broken glass to scrape the lice from their legs. There was a church but I don't remember going to it or to a school begun in the camp.