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‘When Ruby started playing up, I’d blame the break-up, and myself for instigating it.But Lynda had been married for 37 years and told me relationships were hard work, reassuring me that I had done my best.

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‘All I see is a calm wisdom that has been born out of Glenna’s experience and how incredibly happy she is with her life.’‘Glenna would call or email me daily, and if I went silent because I didn’t feel like speaking to anyone, she’d email to ask if everything was OK, or send me an uplifting poem or quote,’ says Deborah.Another thing Russia is known for is their beautiful women, their intelligence and independent thinking.When dating Russian single women, guys can almost always count on having great conversation about verious topics including arts, politics, and sports.For Deborah Watson, 33, from Woodbridge, Suffolk, her friendship with Glenna Trout, 61, has been hugely influential on her career, confidence and, ultimately, her happiness.‘You can’t help but be in a room with Glenna and feel as though you really matter,’ says Deborah.The dream of marriage and children felt even further from my grasp.

‘There’s no child at her feet or wedding band on her finger.

For the older person, it’s being able to pass on knowledge and advice and still feel young and relevant.’It’s also true that friendship doesn’t have to mean having interests in common or doing the same things at the same time.

After all, look at me - in the thick of motherhood but spending treasured time with a nonagenarian who had deemed children ‘a nuisance from beginning to end’.

It felt as though I was bearing witness to a life fully and truly lived, and there were many lessons to be learned. Then, recently, when she was taken into hospital after collapsing at home: ‘Life is full of ups and downs but it always ends on a down - remember that.’ When you think of how we traditionally form friendships: at school, at work, from our neighbourhood, it’s not surprising that, mostly, our friends tend to be close in age to us and from similar backgrounds.‘I had a strained relationship with my parents, and Lynda became a sort of mother-figure,’ says Lisa.

In between her stories and vicious complaints about the neighbours, there were so many pearls. ‘When Ruby was colicky in the evenings and I was feeling desperate, Lynda would reassure me, telling me how she used to walk what seemed like miles round her house with her son, Andrew, when he suffered with it.

“You make me feel like I am the luckiest man alive.