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Maybe the awesome base note is the key in this scent. Update: just checked the reformulated version: less sillage and longevity, less vanilla and spicy notes but the whole scent become more powdery.

But as we were sitting there the smell was persisting all the time, with the same power.This is just great news for those who haven't experienced what this scent was meant to smell like, in its original and unadulterated formula.The new 2017 PUIG reformulation is amazing, it smells identical to the vintage bottle.*** I forgot to mention that the circular metal pull attached to the clip came off as i tried to pull it off to test it (from the Xmas gift set) wtf? I have worn this since 1995 and am very familiar with the various incarnations. What I find perplexing is that the bottle is also now, similar to the vintage in that the stripes are not vivid white, rather a faded white, like the original.This is exactly what the vintage smells like, no weaker. I almost feel they had a stash of vintage bottles and are now selling them 7 years later.My review: 8.5/10 First of all, I don’t know which one tested (new or the old version), but got a brutal longevity, so I think that was the old formula.

I’m not a huge fan of the combintaion of lavender and vanilla, but this creation is working and so good.

But this surely can't be the Le Male that is sold today, the boy might have gotten the old reformulation from dad or uncle, I said to myself.

Lucky kid is wearing a cologne that I would be prepared to pay several times more than the knockoff reformulations I can get in stores nowdays.

I'm not sure what's going on with the comments about it returning to its original strength, but in my opinion, this is NOT the case. May this be the end of endless hunting for that elusive vintage version.

Definitely test first before you blindly believe people who WANT it be be stronger, that's not what normally happens, and that's not reality. Do yourself a favor and just buy the last gen bottles at perfumania or beautyspin AKA Notino. The original is back in the form of this 2017 version. This latest formulation is artmesia, cumin apple heaven. I tested this with my Scuba and prestige bottle and they are identical.

Sure it's been overplayed because of it's king status in the 90's. And anybody that tells you it smells feminine does not have a clue about masculinity. Sorry every other hyped flavor-of-the-year compliment getter. Unfortunately they have, in my opinion, watered down the current jus.