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Sex with someone new, having multiple partners, and douching—rinsing out the vagina with a bag or bottle of liquid—can all contribute to getting BV, but it is not classified as a sexually transmitted disease.Mostly, how a woman develops BV is still a big mystery.

There, they found their perfect environment, a low-oxygen chamber that, during a woman’s reproductive years, has an abundant supply of the sugars feed upon.I’ve actually driven to the Super Target two towns away from where I live so as to not run into anyone I know while scrutinizing the various products that exist for cleansing, deodorizing, and re-balancing the p H of your vagina (I still bumped into another PTA mom in a neighboring aisle).The companies behind these products know that many women are looking for ways to counter embarrassing and debilitating symptoms such as vaginal odor and discharge. women of reproductive age have it at any given time.“I was getting it once or twice a month, which was too much for me as a PE teacher and coach,” she says.“When it’s going to come up on you and the smell is ridiculous, you just had to make sure you were always prepared with cleansing wipes, spray, and sanitary napkins,” she says.If it happened and you weren’t prepared, it would be “a horrible day.”And if the embarrassment and discomfort weren’t enough, BV has a far more menacing side.Louis, Missouri, was recommended the device for birth control by her doctor after she had her first child.

After a few weeks, she noticed some worrisome symptoms: increased vaginal discharge and a fishy smell.

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For many, they believe that’s just the way their vagina is. Folklore about the need to clean out the vagina—especially after sex or a period—is often handed down from older relatives to younger women.

Before her intrauterine device, the woman had never had a problem with BV. But the vagina is remarkably adept at taking care of itself if left undisturbed.“Your vagina is like a self-cleaning oven,” says Willers. When Sharon Hillier joined King Holmes’s laboratory at the University of Washington in Seattle in 1982, BV was called “non-specific vaginitis.” “What kind of crazy name is that? It was a catch-all diagnosis given to women who had vaginal infections of unknown origin—not yeast infections or common STIs like chlamydia or trichomoniasis. She knew she needed to stay in the field when, during one brainstorming session with mostly male colleagues, someone suggested that women with BV were sexually repressed or feeling sexual guilt.

At that time, the treatment was a vaginal cream that Holmes thought was “almost useless.” In 1978, he had a colleague, Terrence Pheifer, run a clinical trial to find out if oral antibiotics worked better.