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No credits or signup promo codes for nude male chat

No credits or signup promo codes for nude male chat-86

1066 - tickle with kiss 1067 - move like drunkie 1068 - peck 4 times 1069 - stand 1070 - peck with sound 1071 - morticia 1072 - gomez 1073 - stare 1074 - caress 1075 - beg 1076 - send kisses 1077 - come here 1078 - idk 1079 - idk 1080 - stay with hand as in courtesan i think 1081 - caress hand 1082 - sexy 1083 - self hug 1084 - cowboy thingie 1085 - stare 1086 - stare in partner's pants 1087 - salsa pose her 1088- salsa pose him 1089 - look flattered 1090 - serenade 1091 - hands on hips, raise brow 1092 - spank ass 1093 - snake 1094 - snake charmer 1095 - not sure 1096 - tickle with sound 1097 - praise 1098 - cry 1099 - got ur nose 2000 - tresure chest 2001-Bannana 2002-Bone 2003-Broken heart 2004-Cheese 2005-Cross Bones 2006-100lb bar bell 2007-Dunce cap 2008-Fire Hydrant 2009-Flowers in a vase 2010-Heart 2011-Lightning bolt 2012-pig 2013-smile with teeth showing 2014-stop sign 2015-tissue box 2016-Head stone 2017-Ghost 2018-Smiley w/halo 2019-angry smiley 2020-evil look smiley 2021-big grin smiley 2022-blushing smiley 2023-glasses wearing smiley 2024-crying smiley 2025-devil smiley 2026-~ smile smiley 2027-pissed off smiley 2028-sad smiley 2029-sick smiley 2030-Happy smiley 2031-surprised smiley 2032-Sticking out tung smiley 2033-sticking out tung and winking smiley 2034-winking smiley 2035-confused blushing face 2036-frowny face 2037-Blame! Log On Your Main Account And Become A Developer (((Will Explane Later))) Step 2. Send Yourself A Invite To IMVU [The Fake Account} Step 4.Do Like 10 Or 20 Free Or Mobile Survey Both On Your Real And Fake Accounts Step 5.

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amine 2046 hotmail fr rash lemarok1 spaw 666 zak prince chris 48 mouka aragone 23 azitouni5 userfirefox dcdcdc 220 enctype multipart data share method post Nom author 20 Liste file monfichier 05 Envoyer R Rechercher un mail smails get mot lookfor 300 05px » 320 justify artist Aflams Hindi Comedie Marocaine Breakdance Criss 20Angel Angel Accidents Mr 20Bean Bean Animaux Drole Motos Cars Body Building DJ 50 20cent cent Eminem Hard 20rock rock Naruto Freestyle Free Guitar Skating Les rouleurs BMX Surfing PS Tutoriaux Photoshop drawing video object 280 param movie metacafe fplayer 107178 soccer skills swf embed application x shockwave flash Titre la on Click open Br Window2 htmlplus scrollbars no resizable 700 Categorie Ajout?Update Star has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, 2008, and Windows XP, 32 bit and 64 bit editions.Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Please Read What I Tell You Or You Read ((((VERY IMPORTANT)))) Step 2. Don't Change Any Thing Or U'll Get Nothing Ok As We All Know IMVU Is A Very Evolved Messenger Yes It's Free But It Has It's Down Side....So I Have Made It My Mission To Break IMVU At It's Own Game...... I Will LOL Ok So I Looked And Looked For A Way To Hack IMVU In It's Core Programing But To No Luck I Have Failed You All But As Superman Is To Kryptonite I Will Break The Codes One Day Till Then Just Fellow My Easy Steps.. (If your already a boy then it won't work.) *use 80.*use 21 ^don't know how to explain *use 22 ^makes you wave. 291-pericolo pants kitty 290-pericolo pants harley 289-Pericolo pants chase 288-trip long cargoes 287-'Nilla long cargoes 286-Drab long cargoes 285-Buhrown long cargoes 284-274-cant be worn with my avatar 273-100°(male) 272-090°(male) 271-080°(male) 270-070°(male) 269-060°(male) 268-050°(male) 267-040°(male) 266-030°(male) 265-020°(male) 264-010°(male) 263-000°(male) 262-100° 261-090° 260-080° 259-070° 258-060° 257-050° 256-040° 255-030° 254-020° 253-010° 252-000° 251-239-cant be worn with my avatar 238-Daisy oxford peppermint 237-Daisy oxford NPG 236-Daisy oxford grass 235-Daisy oxford Chocolate (causes avatar distortion) 234-Hip huggiz raysa 233-Hip huggiz flash 232-Hip huggiz denim 231-Runniz troy 230-Runniz minoa 229-Runniz babel 228-Runniz atlantis 227-Daisy oxford spring 226-223-cant be worn with my avatar 222-Kickaz boots zap (male) 221-Kickaz boots pavement(male) 220-Kickaz boots grate(male) 219-cant be worn with my avatar 218-Kickaz boots curb(male) 217-Baggy hoody sunset(male) 216-Baggy hoody special man(male) 215-Baggy hoodie midnight(male) 214-Baggy hoodie good monin'(male) 213-long shorts zap(male) 212-long shorts khaki(male) 211-long shorts denim(male) 210-long shorts camo(male) 209-207-cant be worn with my avatar 206-didnt show up 205-cant be worn with my avatar 204-203-didnt show up 202-200-cant be worn with my avatar 199-194-didnt show up(my IMVU started crashing in these numbers) 193-192-cant be worn with my avatar 191-Turned my female into a male(lol) 190-Homey pants village(male) 189-Homey pants tribeca(male) 188-Homey pants chelsea(male) 187-didnt show up 186-Baggy T orange matto(male) 185-Baggy T green IMTV(male) 184-Kicks webster hall(male) 183-Kicks tunnel(male) 182-Kicks paladium(male) 181-Kick limelight(male) 180-Rider gloves gamer(male) 179-Rider gloves drivin'(male) 178-Rider gloves black(male) 177-Schick kitaz terra 176-Schick kitaz supahstah 175-Schick kitaz magma 174-Schick kitaz cobra 173-Cargo shorties santorini 172-Cargo shorties mykonos 171-Cargo shorties drab 170-Cargo shorties crete 169-Cargo shorties camo frog 168-Cargo shorties blue plaid 167-Baby T IMVU 166-Baby T sky splash 165-didnt show up 164-Baby T pink pooch 163-Baby T black estupido 162-Marla Brunette 161-Marla blond 160-Marla amber 159-Marla black 158-Liz eyes 157-Light gree eyes 156-green hazel eyes 155-Day after eyes 154-Dark umber eyes 153-Sunny eyes 152-Sienna eyes 151-Amber eyes 150-Bright blue eyes 149-Blue eyes 148-X bloody eyes 147-brown eyebrows(male) 146-blond eyebrows(male) 145-light brown eyebrows(male) 144-light brown eyebrows(male) 143-140-cant be worn with my avatar 139-134-cant be worn with my avatar 133-blond eyebrows 132-Black eyebrows 131-Amber eyebrows 130-Brunette eyebrows 129-background circle snow mt.

128-didnt show up 127-Blue/yellow square room 126-cant be worn with my avatar 125-doesnt show up 124-Doesnt show up 123-117-cant be worn with my avatar 116-111-didnt show up 110-91-didnt show 90-turns you into a big smiley with arms, legs, red boots, and orange gloves.

The Reason You Become A Developer Is So You Can Sell Or Buy Your Own Items To Yourself Details On Step 2 ..

Makeing A Fake Account Will Help You Get And Earn Free Credits Details On Step 3 ..

((((((((((((((HERE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT CODES)))))))))))) What Are Codes? ^This will turn you into a girl, or back into a girl if you turned yourself into a guy.

Codes Are Like Privite Message In A Program If You Put The Rite Codes In Something Wonder Full Happens Type In The Wrong Code Sometimes Does Nothing And At Other Times It's Breaks Your Program Here IS A List Off Codes I Found That Works On The New IMVU System Ok now lets talk about the cheats: """Ma De By CHANTAL ERIKA"" Go to your 3D room. *use 90 ^this will turn you into pacman *use 160 ^this will give you new hair *use 161 ^this will also give you new hair but a different color.

Where You Can Cheat Or Just Make Those Pain Full Credits We All Need So Much In Order To Teach You These Tricks Of Mine Please Do What I Tell You Fellow The Easy Steps And You Will Be Fine Mess With Any Code Or Codes Then It's On You ......