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If you stutter or slur your words, then start practicing how you speak.

And, if you're having issues smiling, watch a funny clip on the internet that makes you laugh and then call her right then and there.I'm calling you at this late hour because (pause) something reminded me of you, it's just... Give me a call at 555-555-5555, talk to you soon""Hey *Girl's Name*, it's Jesse.Most guys call at this late hour because they think you're a booty call (pause).But, if she does call back, it means there is a higher probability that she wants to see you again.This weeds out the girls who don't mesh well with you (saving time).I was a really annoying kid to talk to when I was younger. Just learn this material and stop asking why you’ll need to know all of this to be a doctor. So once again I started asking myself WTF should I do with my life? The greatest task for any person is to find meaning in his or her own life.” The words hit an eerie nerve in me, after all — I know plenty of people my age making a lot of money, who outwardly appear happy, but inwardly they feel like what they are doing is pretty pointless.

I was always asking “God questions,” almost always revolving around the word “why.” Why am I here.. After I got out of the juvenile phase of life (where every “why” you ask gets a “because I said so” in return), I entered a new phase of life. So they just go ahead and do what other people are doing, to have some semblance of a sane, ordinary, normal and supposedly *happy* existence.

I remember back when I first started leaving voice messages; I would stutter and often times just hang up the phone hoping she would see the "missed call" and call me back (which rarely happened).

Now, what I'm about tell you are statements I've used that have worked a huge percentage of the time.

Ever since our article,how to talk to a girl on the phone, we've been getting many questions about what to say when the phone call leads to her voicemail.

It can be a difficult task because how do you a leave a voice message where you don't sound needy, creepy, or too contrived for her to call you back?

The pause creates a sense of curiosity for the person listening, and they're more likely to want to hear more.