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I didn't mention posting classifieds but that can work also.By the way, I intend to keep adding to this report and show people what is working with me. We may even start a forum within the site just for members. Nothing to do with auto responders, although I can see that working also. How many sites do you have to setup with your marketing strategy?

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Rochester, NY 14626 United States Shipping details The seller hasn’t provided any shipping details yet.I have gone into more detail in my email - do you think you could have a look and see if you can come up with a solution?This type of problem has happened to me before, but usually rights itself if I leave downloading till the next morning when my connection is better, unfortunately that hasn't happened this time.That commission percentage will be going down and the price of the report will be going up.:-0 If you have any problems or questions send me an email at nalehpmit (at) yahoo (dot) com.Here's how you can get this report and your three bonuses: Click the link below and enter the special discount code (small letters) in the code box and then click on the "Click Here To Order Now! ( The discount price is now at only $7 )Go Here To Purchase Now I look forward to hearing your feedback and thanks for taking a look at my WSO!

Cheers Tim I just wanted to add here that once you join you automatically become an affiliate for this product and currently you can make a 90% commission on the regular price of $17!!

Exclusive products and services available only at Warrior Forum Get great deals on Internet Marketing Products, Services, Trainings and other Offers at the world's largest Internet marketing marketplace If you have ever thought about going into the online dating industry but been put off because of the huge competition, then this WSO is perfect for you.

Tim has revealed some really unusual and unexpected dating niches which you would probably never think of on your own, along with a sample of good keywords and affiliate sites for each niche. I enjoyed reading it, though it is so full of information that I then had to read it again - just to take it all in!

I did just log into the members area and it was working fine. Following your strategy to the letter - How long will it take to start generating $50.00 per day? Thanks Hi uwa I would start with one and concentrate on that one until you get it going.

Anything to do with posting classified ads on CL and BP? OK, actually I recommend starting two sites: one that will be the niche dating site and one that covers any and all dating sites.

Thanks, Rachel Hi Tim, I emailed you yesterday at your earthlink email address about my problems with downloading the info.