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So, we’ll be speaking about it but not speaking through page by page.

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I’m Simon Moutter, the Managing Director, and with me is David Chalmers, our CFO. We are not planning to sort of step through a presentation.We put a lot of work into that update and tried to lay out for investors our plan to build new momentum in this business in the face of very significant market challenges but also some exciting opportunities that arise from the role we play in technology.We did indicate then that we put the wheels in motion around three new themes, underpinning our growth strategy, wireless, moving more emphasis on wireless and being very focused on getting off the copper network; our second theme was around using multiple brands better to address pricing to the customer markets; and the food plank was the lowest cost operator plank.And you’ll recall, at this time last year, we were really struggling.In some of our service areas, we’ve gotten sidelined by the winter problems on the copper network and we were in a bit of difficulty.And I think there is plenty of evidence in the results that we’ve presented around our intent playing out in the execution of these themes is pretty clear-cut as well.

And I think also there’s plenty of evidence that the benefits from the strategic initiatives that we’ve played out over the last two or three years are still delivering value.

Spark Connect has done an absolutely outstanding job expanding and strengthening our network, especially in mobile with the rise of wireless broadband now at year end 84,000 wireless broadband connections running off the mobile network, has seen data volumes on our mobile network increase by over 200% in FY2017.

That’s a staggering performance, typically mobile networks grow more like 60% per year, that just shows what a fantastic network we’ve built to cope with that sort of volume that have no real issues in terms on going service delivery. And Spark Platforms has been doing some very innovative things on post reengineering now with our machine learning and automation robots coming into service and some terrific new capabilities like our second generation Spark app which has three quarters of 1 million active users now during our own self service through that end.

We think we gained more connections in the second half than any other company in New Zealand. And the chart on Skinny broadband, which is a low price offer broadband service.

There is a really interesting chart on the pie chart there.

But we’ve managed to deliver those projects with a very high level of customer satisfaction and good shape there.